Dru Sellers


Instruments are made for people who can play them. Isn’t that outrageous? Isn’t that scandalous? The are made for people who can actually play them. And that’s a problem. Because beginners can’t play. They’re not yet players. The don’t know how to do it. Again, I think, there should be outrage on the internet. We should submit patches. We should fix like the Cello. Should Cellos auto-tune? Or maybe they should have red and green lights. It’s green when you’re in tune, it’s red when you’re not in tune. Or maybe they shouldn’t make any sound at all until you get it right. Is that how it works? is that what we want? No, that’s not how it works. Look at these kid’s. They’re being subjected to cellos. There’s nothing helping them here. […] They’re smaller but those are real cellos. They’re hard to play, they’re awkward, the sound terrible. They’re out of tune. It’s gonna be tough for a while for these kids

- Rich Hickey