Dru Sellers

Curiosity is Life

Old Dog, New Testing Tricks

While working to clean up my testing projects, I discovered a new-to-me NUnit feature called SetUpFixture

Implementing Agile

A few brief thoughts on implementing agile in your department

Hierachy as Freedom

A few musings on a recently read quote from Peter Drucker about hierachial organizations.

Job and Task Inventories

A simple method for identifying the various tasks and responsibilities you have in a role at a company using your Todo system.

Link Roundup 2

A few links from Jan 28, 2020

Link Roundup

A few links from Jan 04, 2020

Rolling Forecasts

Working with rolling forecasts, some thoughts on the day to day nature of running a business while moniting and measuring with rolling forecasts.


The power is in the conversation, not the tool.

Cash Management (2019Q4)

My non-Finance mindset attempts to solve how we should manage our cash