Dru Sellers


Coffee, yum.

Hello 👋

My name is Dru Sellers, and I'm a technologist that is also passionate about the design and operations of a business. I originally went to college to study business because, as my Dad said, "everyone needs business people."

While in school I randomly took a 9 week HTML class to fulfill some technology credits, and after bolding my name in the browser I absolutely lost my mind. I went back to the dorms, that night and started building my web page. I don't recall getting dinner, after who knows how many can's of Mountain Dew I found GeoCities and uploaded my gif laden, under-construction, single page website with the amazingly clever background color #123456 (its a dark slate blue).

The next class, I hurriedly walk into class and proudly showed my professor what I had done over the last two days at which point my professor let me know that I was done with the class. I had completed the whole class in two days of self-directed caffeine induced learning.

I can't overstate how powerful that moment was. I had taken a kernel of understanding, and been able to flesh out a significantly deeper understanding through my own drive. My perspective on what I could teach myself was forever changed.

After college I started to work at a small start up, I was the only programmer working on a web application. I wrote the program in a true isolation from other humans, beyond what I could read and find on the internet. It was then that I found open source software (OSS), and I ran into a community of programmers from across the world that (while blunt at times) were more than happy to share their thoughts and opinions. These "strangers", who I would eventually meet in person, elevated my programming from intern to senior engineer in a crucible of fire. They did not hold back, as many of us have experienced with online communities. It was my passion to create something that would earn me a tiny morsel "street cred" that allowed me to get lost in the passion trying to create something.

During this time, I was reading books on software design non-stop while my significant other was studying law. One of the many books I read was David West's Object Thinking, which made a connection to the Platonic ideal, which was a topic I had studied in college philosophy. There was something about that connection that reasonated deeply with me. It was around this time, that I started to really link my software modeling to the way we would model businesses in school. This connected my two fields of understanding in a way that unlocked a new approach to software design/thinking.

For the last 27, I have combined these twin passions in a way that has created a valuable mental model to solving problems for a business. This website is my poor attempt to catalog my ideas and models so that others can hopefully build off of my labors.