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The Value of the Value Proposition

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Whenever I hear about some businesses 'Value Proposition' I almost always roll my eyes. Great another empty statement. Its sad to think this, but too many times I hear people (and myself) state these lofty goals and then completely forget about them in the course of our day to day actions.

If its something we believe in then we need a way to measure it. That's how we know if its working or not. I have been reading How to Meausure Anything and I believe that its entirely possible to do so. I agree with the book that it doesn't have to be precise (because in reality nothing is) but it needs to reduce uncertainty.

With a way to measure them, and some sort of information radiator we can now follow along to see how we are doing. We can drill down and see just how we are doing, and compare it to last year.

I am a big fan of trying to set a bigger picture for other people in the organization to align with, but then we need to ask them to come up with a level of measurement or evaluation.


You have to becare how you measure things, because it can lead to people doing the wrong thing just to game the system.

the cost of building measurements silo'd IT is a bitch low reversibility


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