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Link Roundup 2

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Here is a recent link dump of articles that I've found and read.

How to compete with Amazon


A well written piece of how to compete with Amazon. I enjoyed this write up as someone that goes up against AWS offerings during sales calls. From what I can see, I strongly agree with the sentiment expressed that to compete against a giant, you have to strike them where they are weakest. In our case, its not about beating them, but about co-existence.

Global Apps


This article takes an idea that I've had much, much further. I've always been enamored with building out the Enterprise Run Time. A way that you can stitch together all of the applications being built by a company and find ways to integrate and reuse without as much effort as we have today.

With the presence of tooling like Docker, I wonder how close we are to making some form of this happen. Does the presence of AWS Lambda help to move this forward? In the end it feels like there would have to be a massive investement in the underlying meta-data. And of course, a lot of work in trust. To that end I'm excited to see more languages get to the status of "Verified" as a means of building out that trust.

New Templates for Today's Organizations

LONG: https://hbr.org/1974/01/new-templates-for-todays-organizations

This post reviews the problems of organizational design today, gives a brief history lesson, and then goes on to compare the successes of the past to the needs of the present. While a long read, will be interesting conversational fodder for my peer group.

But “perfect organization” is like “perfect health”: the test is the ills it does not have and therefore does not have to cure.

Istio is an Example of When Not to Do Microservices


An interesting read of how Istio went full tilt microservices and then eventually came back to the well structured monolith. This is an area of development where we are still learning a lot, and I'm excited to be able to watch it unfold. From the sidelines. ;)